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Collection of projects that I developed during my Masters Degree

Prediction of Yelp Review Star Rating · Sentiment Analysis & Recommendation Model

Implemented topic models using sentiment analysis to predict the review star rating and built recommendation model using Mahout’s ALS algorithm to improve suggestions.

Web Programming · Online Technology Store

Developed scalable web application to market a wide range of tech products. Programmed features to buy, pay and add new products to the system.

Machine Learning · Tweets Clustering

Implemented supervised classification techniques on Twitter dataset and clustered redundant/repeated tweets using Jaccard Distance metric and K-means clustering algorithm.

Machine Learning · Game of Craps

Developed the famous casino game "Craps" to implement machine learning strategies to automate your wager and to maximize the profit.

Statistical Methods for Data Science · Pima Dataset Analysis

Implemented Naive Bayes, SVM and kNN classifiers across complex multivariate dataset with 768 instances and 8 attributes by achieving an accuracy of 75%.

Database Design · Car Rental System

Developed a database for Car Rental System. Programmed PL/SQL stored procedures to handle features such as update reservations, check insurance and validate offer codes.

Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms · Euler Tour

Implemented Hierholzer's algorithm to find an Euler tour in a given graph.

Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms · Skip List

Implemented the Skip List data structure and compare its performance with Tree Map data structure. 

Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms · Indexed Heap

Implemented Indexed Priority Queues, Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm, Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm and compared the performance of Prim’s MST Algorithm implemented with Priority Queue and Indexed Heap.

Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms · Critical Paths

Implemented the critical path method (CPM) algorithm in PERT charts to schedule a set of project activities.

Multimedia Systems  · Taggr

Developed an application that is capable of processing repository of videos, convert them to searchable hashtags using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Object Oriented Analysis & Design · Alarm Management

This project involves designing of Network Management System (NMS) which can be used for discovery, configuration, fault reporting, etc.